The Selling of Alcohol




 A Wine and Beer Retailer's Permit (BG) is authorized to sell beer, malt liquor, ale and wine containing up to 14% or 17% alcohol by volume to the consumer for consumption on or off the premises.

The percentage of alcohol by volume available is determined by the local option election in the area where the premise is located. The percentage you are authorized to sell will be printed on the face of the permit. The permittee is also authorized to sell for on premise consumption only, traditional port or sherry with an alcohol content of not more than 24% by volume.


Neither you nor any of your employees may possess or consume any alcoholic beverages you are not authorized to sell.


  • You may choose to allow your customers to bring in their own alcoholic beverages; however, you may not possess, store, serve, or deliver those alcoholic beverages for or to the customers.