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Site Policies

The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC) makes every attempt to keep this website complete, accurate and timely. However, TABC cannot represent that all information is complete and correct at any given time.

Not all information on this website represents the official policy, position or views of the Commissioners of the TABC, TABC staff or public officials of the State of Texas.

Information on this website is provided to assist the general public and regulated persons in: accessing information about persons regulated by TABC; understanding the policies and statutory duties of TABC; and giving general advice and guidance. You should never use the information on this website, or any public website as a substitute for seeking independent legal or other professional advice.

TABC is not responsible for errors or omissions and does not represent that this website contains all information related to any subject covered on the website.

The official state record for all agency rules may be found on the Secretary of State website external link.

The official state record of all laws and statutes of the State of Texas may be found on the official website of the State of Texas external link.

TABC grants permission to use unaltered information from this website for noncommercial use, unless TABC or a third party contributor claims a reservation of rights on the information or content.

Obtaining Copies of the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Code and Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission Rules

Any person may purchase a copy of the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Code or Rules from TABC by calling 1-512-206-3265, or submitting a request in writing with a payment to TABC Business Services Division, P.O. Box 13127, Austin, TX 78731. The code may also be accessed electronically on our Code and Rules page., or the official website of the State of Texas external link. The rules of the commission may also be accessed electronically on our Code and Rules page.

For More Information

Contact the agency's toll-free number at 1-888-THE-TABC (Voice/TDD) or write the TABC Public Information Office at P.O. Box 13127, Austin, TX 78731.

An e-mail link to technical staff is provided at the bottom of most web pages.

Printed Material Available

To order printed copies of our free consumer publications or a complaint form, call 1-512-206-3333.

Website Maintained by TABC Staff

This website is maintained by Innovation & Technology Division staff of the TABC. We welcome any suggestions you have for improvement.

Please Let Us Hear From You

If you have any problems viewing these pages with your web browser, find any inactive links or have suggestions on how we can improve this website, please send your e-mail comments to:

Consent to Monitoring

Use of this website is monitored to ensure proper operation, to verify security features and for other purposes. Do not attempt to upload, change or place materials on this system, circumvent security features or use this system for other than its intended purposes. Use of this system constitutes consent to monitoring.