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Beer may only be purchased from beer distributors:

  • General Distributor's License (BB)
  • Branch Distributor's License (BC)
  • Local Branch Distributor's License (BD).
  • Manufacturer's (BA) who also holds a Self Distribution permit (DB)
  • Wine and Beer Retailer's Permit (BG) who also holds a Brew Pub License (BP)**

**You may not purchase or acquire beer from another type of retailer.

 These sales are all subject to Cash Law.


Wine, ale and malt liquor may only be purchased from wholesalers that do not hold a distributors license (BB/BC/BD):

  • Wholesaler's Permit (W)

These sales are all subject to Credit Law.


Alcoholic beverages damaged or determined to be unfit for human consumption while in the possession of the retailer, must be destroyed by the retailer and cannot be exchanged or returned to the seller for credit or refund.