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TABC Press Release


TABC launches on-line database of alcoholic beverage products; product availability growing in Texas.

The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC) has completed an on-line database that gives consumers access to a list of what alcoholic beverage products are legal for sale in Texas and those products' alcohol content. TABC's Label Approval Database includes all alcoholic beverages that have had labels approved since 2005. Consumers can search the database by permit number, brand name, trade (manufacturer) name, type of product, approval date, or percent alcohol by volume. Each record includes all of this information and an image of the approved label.

The database, which was funded by the federal Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention, can play an important role in the prevention of underage drinking, and in adult consumers' efforts to drink responsibly. A parent or teacher's ability to view a product's label and see the alcohol content can help them play a more educated role in monitoring a young person's activities. Having access to a product's alcohol content is also beneficial if an adult consumer knows how to use it to determine responsible consumption measures.

TABC recently launched a new Alcohol by Volume Campaign that explains how much alcohol is actually in one container since these concentrations can vary widely by beverage. "Some single malt beverage containers can be as much as 23.5 ounces at 12 percent alcohol by volume, which is the equivalent of almost five beers," explained TABC Assistant Administrator Sherry Cook. "It is important for responsible consumers to have the opportunity to educate themselves about what they are drinking, and for parents to understand what their children may be drinking." The Alcohol by Volume Campaign includes public service announcements, an information video about alcohol by volume and other educational materials. To request additional information or copies, contact TABC's Education and Prevention Division.

Manufacturers of alcoholic beverages are seeking approval for the sale of their products in Texas in historically high numbers. This quarter, there has been a 58% increase in the number of product applications submitted as compared to the same time period last year. A portion of this growth can be attributed to a December 2011 court ruling that stated TABC will no longer require brewers to designate high or low alcohol content on labels using specific words like "beer" and "ale."

The Texas economy is one of the strongest in the nation, and manufacturers are eager to be a part of the growing Texas marketplace. Texas is poised to become the number one state for consumption of alcoholic beverages in the country. With the increasing number of alcoholic beverages available in Texas every day, individual consumers are more interested in knowing what new products are coming to the market. Cook said, "Placing this new database on the TABC website is another step in the agency's ongoing efforts to be increasingly transparent and make more information accessible to the public. We believe that providing easy access to this information can prevent underage drinking, increase responsible adult consumption, and create a more-educated consumer base in general."

Contact: Carolyn Beck, TABC Director of Communications, (512) 206-3347