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Kudos - Just a few of the nice things said about TABC employees in 2009.

We love to hear from our customers, and we love it when they brag on one of our own. Our team works hard at fulfilling our cornerstones of service, courtesy, integrity and accountability. When it all comes together, we all succeed. We invite you to tell us when you've had a good experience. All of these letters and e-mails are shared with the employee and everyone up his or her chain of command, so keep them coming.

If you have the occasion to see a TABC employee doing an outstanding job, we would like to hear from you. Please forward your compliments by e-mail to Include as much information about the employee as possible (e.g., name, location of service, etc.).

Read the letter from: Resource Center Dallas to TABC staff - December 2009

From: Glenda Hollingsworth
Sent: December 2, 2009
To: questions
Subject: Compliments


My name is Glenda Hollingsworth, I work for Miller Hospitality in Flowood, MS we are a franchisee of Newk's Express Café- we currently have 1 restaurant in Brandon, MS and we are opening 7-restaurants in Austin, TX. I was visiting Austin last week for the first time trying to get the ball rolling on our Beer and Alcohol Permit for our restaurants. I visited the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission Building in Austin, TX- the address was Chevy Chase 1 7700 Chevy Chase Drive Suite 200 Austin, TX 78752, the ladies in the office were a big help to me. When I got to Austin and to this company I did not know what I was doing or what I was supposed to be doing. Mrs. Ruby Gonzalez, Mrs. Pam, and Mrs. Stacey were a life saver to me. It is hard to find great people like these ladies when you are dealing with the public. I just wanted to take the time to write and let you know that you have a great team at this location. They really care about the people that walk through their doors and that is awesome! Keep up the good work! We are very excited about opening our restaurants in Austin, TX.

Glenda Hollingsworth
Office Manager
Flowood, MS'

From: John J. Harris
Sent: November 20, 2009
To: Alan Steen

Re: Thank you

Dear Alan:

Just wanted to let you know how helpful your staff and managers were in helping our client, Tavistock Freebirds, LLC obtain their state alcohol mixed beverage permit by the target date for the opening of their new Freebirds World Burrito restaurant in the Alliance Town Center in Fort Worth. It was an experience that went a long way toward building goodwill with our client who has plans to open many additional restaurants in Texas. Specifically, the following members of the TABC were very involved in assisting with the issuance of this permit and responded in a very helpful way to our calls for assistance as we neared the midnight hour to obtain this permit: Ms. Amy Harrison, Ms. Jennifer Evans, Mr. Shaun Jordon, Mr. Jerry Sweeny, Mr. Charles Bowers and Ms. Harriet White. All of these members of the TABC worked as a team with us on addressing any issues relating to our client's pending applications and, despite many setbacks which were outside the agency's control or ours, made sure that the application for the Alliance Town Center was processed swiftly, the money was deposited, and the permit authorization letter was issued, all prior to the scheduled opening in Fort Worth.

From my experience as a former alcohol beverage administrator in Florida, this kind of interest and these actions performed by a government agency speak very loudly of the agency's mission to try to help and respond with a problem solving attitude. Being able to hear the sincerity of this attitude in our frequent telephone conversations with your team members is unique and commendable in a government agency. This type of helpfulness shows that these staff members know the value of selling the agency to the public by responding in a helpful manner to requests for assistance.

Thank you again for all of the assistance received on behalf of our client, myself and my staff members.

John J. Harris
Government Consultant
Gray Robinson
Attorneys at Law

Read the letter from: Thomas A. Herald, Montes Herald Law Group to Agent John Graham - September 22, 2009

From: Jennifer Riggs
Sent: September 14, 2009
To: questions
Subject: Thomas Graham

Thomas Graham is the best, prompt and attentive. Thanks. J. Riggs

From: Feroz A. Lakhani
Sent: September 7, 2009
To: questions
Subject: Compliment for Mary Kirby

Hi there,
I just wanted to say that I am impressed that a staff of Dallas Enforcement District 6 (North Region Main Office), MARY KIRBY, has really impressed me and my client by working on my client's application on the labor day holiday. When I received her email, I was surprised to see and I emailed her back asking if TABC office is open today and she replied that she is trying to catch up on her work because the computers were down for two days. To me, this is like going an extra mile. I am really pleased that TABC still has staff like Mary Kirby. THANK YOU AGAIN Mary.
Best Regards,

Feroz A. Lakhani
Business Capital World
'Carrollton, TX'

Read the letter from: Nathan T. Johnson, Chief of Police to Officer Steve Carnes - August 17, 2009

From: Royo, Gilberto
Sent: August 17, 2009
To: questions
Subject: Compliment

I visited the office at 427 West 20th street in Houston in regards to information for opening a "micro brewery". I was attended by Idris Subair who did a great job explaining the procedure. Although I still have many questions regarding the procedure, I look forward to working with Idris in order to successfully submit the application form and hopefully obtain the "brewer's permit".

Thank you,
Gilberto Royo

From: Thomas Smith
Sent: June 30, 2009
To: questions
Subject: Auditor Letitia Moore

Ms. Moore has just completed an audit of my business, French Country Wines, Permit No. G624110. I would like to compliment her on the very professional approach she took during the course of the audit. She was very thorough and courteous during the entire process. As well, she took every opportunity to explain to me what she was looking for and why. I found this to be extremely helpful and informative.

My congratulations to you for having such an outstanding member of your audit team.

Thomas M. Smith, President
French Country Wines

From: Janice Coleman
Sent: June 26, 2009
To: questions
Cc: At Your Service
Subject: Employee Compliment

This message is transmitted to compliment Linda Tolliver, Accounts Examiner, TABC – Longview District Office. Throughout the process for an original RM application for Coleman's Bar & Grill, Ms. Tolliver exhibited much kindness in her assistance to us. She went the extra mile to assist us in any way she could. It was a pleasure to work with her.

Janice Coleman, Owner
At Your Service
Texarkana, TX

From: Catherine Del Paggio
Sent: June 18, 2009
To: questions
Subject: Compliment

I just want you to know that Idris Subair, an auditor in your compliance division, was a tremendous help to me. I had to get a temporary permit for an event. He helped me on the telephone and then again in person at your office on West 20th. I have never had to get a permit before. He made the whole process so much clearer and easier to understand and follow.


Catherine S Del Paggio
Executive Director
Bayou City Performing Arts

From: asdfg
Sent: May 27, 2009
To: questions
Subject: compliment--jeff haverlah

To whom it may concern,

Today, 05.27.09, at 1300 I spoke with a gentleman by the name of Jeff Haverlah. I can not even begin to state how helpful and courteous he was during our conversation. He answered every question I had and even answered some I didn't realize I had. Mr. Haverlah is a credit to the state of Texas and a credit to what usually means complete frustration in dealing with a government agency. He made the process of inquiry so easy I cant begin to thank you for having him on the other end of the phone. He took his time in explaining everything about the process of obtaining a beer and wine permit and seemed to go great lengths to make sure I understood. English is not my native language (Hebrew and French) yet this was simple. Give the man a raise, bonus, award, or something for exceptional customer service. At the very least make sure he is involved in training future government employees.


Dwayne Miller
President, Those D.A.M. Projects

From: Lillian Arroyo
Sent: May 20, 2009
To: questions
Subject: Agent Neva Saenz and Roberto Morales

My name is Lillian Arroyo and I am the school nurse at John H. Shary Elementary. I recently attended a presentation given at Sharyland High School concerning alcohol abuse as well as prescription drug abuse. I wanted to say just how impressed I was with Agent Saenz and Mr. Morales. I walked away feeling informed and wanting to learn more. Agent Saenz and Mr. Morales were very professional and knowledgeable. I look forward to having them present again at my campus as well as the high school. I attended a meeting this afternoon with other attendees from last night's event and they agreed that the presentation was great. Thank you so much.

Lillian Arroyo, LVN
JH Shary Elementary School Nurse

From: diane fox
Sent: May 1, 2009
To: questions
Subject: compliment

I would like to send compliments to Kim Hilton at the Houston TABC office. She was very helpful and nice while assisting me with the wholesaler application for my client Brothers Produce. Thanks Kim!

Sincerely Diane Fox

Good Morning Mr. or Ms.:

I wish to convey a compliment to an employee named Abigail [Garza], who works at the Dallas Office located at 8700 Stemmons.

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the help I received from her this morning. The extra time she took to help me understand TABC procedures and explaining what steps will take place during the application process was beyond gracious. I am a person who likes exceptional customer service and she demonstrated this during our telephone conversation.

Thank you very much for having such an employee who doesn't mind taking the time to help versus others trying to rush you off the phone.


Certificate attached also.

Regina Mays, Administration
Terry's Supermarkets
Dallas, Texas

From: Feroz Lakhani
Sent: April 20, 2009
To: questions
Subject: Compliments to the TABC staff

Hi there,

I just wanted to let you know that I am very pleased with and very grateful to the staff of TABC at Fort Worth and Dallas District offices. The names include Ms. Harriett White, Carmen Daywhea, Jeffrey Loftin, Mary Kirby and Carolyn Almstedt. And out of all of them, I would like to mention about Ms. White specially; I have been dealing with her for a long time and I could tell that she is one of the very experienced examiners in these two offices. Ms. White has always helped me out promptly and answered some of my very non-sense questions very politely. I really appreciate all of the staff members help who I have dealt so far.


Best Regards,

Feroz A. Lakhani
Business & Commercial Loans Consultant
Business Capital World