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From: Melanie Wilkes
Sent: April 1, 2014
To: Kayla Fritz
Subject: Anderson PG Thank you

Thank you and TABC Education & Prevention for supporting the Anderson High School Parent Teacher Student Association Project Graduation 2014 Committee. You have tremendously helped our committee and school by providing guidance and literature promptly. We are very grateful for the literature you gave us in December to help host for our students a Resisting Drugs and Alcohol (RAD) Lunch Table with Fatal Vision goggles activity. Numerous students received the literature, and we also placed the literature in our school office. Furthermore, thank you for obtaining for us the 500 additional copies of the index card size pamphlet "Be Safe Tonight, Not Sorry Tomorrow." These wonderful informative packets will be given to seniors as they depart from our Project Graduation Event.

Your contribution enables us to provide a memorable drug-free and alcohol-free celebration for the Anderson High School seniors on the night of graduation, June 6, 2014.

Thank you again for your partnership in our effort of organizing a safe, fun celebration for all our graduating seniors. Your support sends a strong message to seniors that the community cares.

Best regards,
Melanie Wilkes
Anderson PTSA Project Graduation 2014 Co-Chair

From:Kevin Carr
Sent: March 28, 2014
To: Questions
Subject: Sarah Bennett and Abigail Garza: YOU ROCK!

Much appreciation and thanks to Sarah Bennett and Abigail Garza at the Austin District Office. They are knowledgeable, friendly, very professional, and are always willing to help with questions or concerns. Our office recently filed applications that were unnecessarily delayed due to errors beyond our control, but Sarah and Abigail worked with us to find a speedy solution to the problem so the permits would issue.

Thank you, ladies, for your tenacity!

Rebecca Dacke
Jack Martin & Associates

From: Kevin Carr
Sent: January 28, 2014
To: Jeff Haverlah

A Special Thank You

Acts of kindness, a warm heart, make the world turn more gently.

It's nice to know that there are still people who cares and take such pleasure in doing special things; helping and making others feel good. Once again thank you so much for taking the time to expedite our license and getting the ball rolling. You're really a special person.

BHW'S Place Sports Bar & Grill
Dwight & Lisa Ward