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The following license/permit types may be renewed online:
Agent’s Permit (A) Manufacturer’s Agent’s Permit (T) Agent’s Beer License (BK)
Airline Beverage Permit (AB) Carrier’s Permit (C) Industrial Permit (I)
Local Industrial Alcohol Manufacturer’s Permit (LI) Market Research Packager’s Permit (MR) Passenger Train Beverage Permit (PT)
Promotional Permit (PR) Out of State Winery Direct Shipper’s Permit (DS) Nonresident Seller’s Permit (S)
Nonresident Manufacturer’s License (BS) Mixed Beverage Permit (MB) Mixed Beverage Permit with FB (RM)
Branch Distributor’s License (BC) General Distributor’s License (BB) Local Distributor’s License (BD)
Importer’s License (BI) Package Store Permit (P) Wine Only Package Store Permit (Q)
Wholesaler’s Permit (W) General Class B Wholesaler’s Permit (X) Local Class B Wholesaler’s Permit (LX)
Wine Bottler’s Permit (Z) Winery Permit (G) Beer Retailer’s On Premise License (BE)
Beer Retailer’s Off Premise License (BF) Wine and Beer Retailer’s Permit (BG) Wine and Beer Retailer’s Off Premise Permit (BQ)

To create a new on-line account: Registration
Add an authorized representative to an account: Adding Authorized Representative
Renew Miscellaneous license/permit (A, T, BK, AB, C, I, LI, MR, PT, PR, DS, S & BS): Miscellaneous Online Renewal
Renew Retail license/permit (MB & RM): Retail Online Renewal

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